Boeck and Associates Painting Company

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4328 Redwood Hwy – Ste 200,San Rafael, CA 94903

Services Include:

  • Complete painting service: Residential and commercial, interior and exterior
  • Coatings – Acrylic, latex, oil, epoxy,urethane, lacquer, conversion varnish
  • Brush, roll, and spray
  • Stains – Water and oil base options
  • Cabinet finishing and refinishing – In-house spray booth for custom work
  • Wood restoration, Deck and Fence Refinishing
  • Pressure washing and cleaning
  • Wallpaper – removal and application
  • Scaffolding, boom lifts and falls
  • Drywall – patches and repair
  • Graffiti removal
  • Concrete coatings
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Window cleaning
  • Color Consultation
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Decorative Finishes and Glazes
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1. What paints do you use?

We generally use Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, or Sherwin Williams Top Quality paints. However, we will work with you to choose the best product for the job. When it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. More expensive paints have better quality ingredients. By using better ingredients, you will generally get better durability, flow, and overall quality. This will help to keep your paint in good condition for a longer time, which saves you time and money in the long run.

2. What does VOC stand for?

Solvents used in paints are often called volatile organic compounds or VOC. These are highly evaporative substances used as carriers to impart adequate application and drying characteristics to the paint. These toxic substances are known to contribute to indoor and outdoor air pollution, as well as a host of human health problems. VOC found in paints can release low-level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. We strive to use the lowest VOC products that will provide the best results for the project.

3. Why are the paints you use better for the environment?

Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, and Sherwin Williams paints have made great strides in technology by using new raw materials to lower VOC content in their products, while improving application and film performance. Products developed from this technology are replacing current alkyd products that have higher VOC contents.

4. Will I be sacrificing quality if I choose a non-toxic paint over a conventional paint?

We choose paint according to three basic attributes: coverage, durability, and scrub-ability. Coverage is the ability of the paint to cover the underlying surface. Durability is how well the painted surface lasts when exposed to normal wear and tear. Scrub-ability is simply how well the paint withstands abrasion with regular cleaning. In all three criteria, these manufacturers have produced low or no VOC paints that are exceptional by our standards and those of our clients.

5. What is the difference between water-based latex and oil-based paint?

Water-based paints are generally easier to use and clean up with water. High quality latex paints also have better adhesion and higher resistance to bleaching and fading. Oil-base paints have more durability yet they omit a strong smell and they fade faster. However, both types of paint will do an excellent job for everyday use.

6. What is the difference in the various finishes?

These terms indicate the sheen or gloss level, or degree of light reflectance, of the paint. Basically, these are terms that are used to describe paint’s shininess.

High Gloss Finish

  • Where to Use: Kitchen and bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, banisters and railings, trim, furniture, door jambs and window sills
  • Comments: More durable, stain-resistant and easier to wash. However, the higher the gloss, the more likely surface imperfections will be noticed.


  • Where to use: Kitchen and bathroom walls, hallways, children's rooms, playrooms, doors, woodwork and trim.
  • Comments: More stain-resistant and easier to clean than flat paints. Better than flat for high-traffic areas.

Satin or Silk (Range overlapping eggshell and semi-gloss)

  • Where to use: Similar characteristics to semi-gloss and eggshell.
  • Comments: Similar characteristics to semi-gloss and eggshell.


  • Where to use: Can be used in place of flat paints on wall surfaces especially in halls, bathrooms and playrooms. Can be used in place of semi-gloss paints on trim for a less shiny appearance.
  • Comments: It resists stains better than flat paint and gives a more lustrous appearance.


  • Where to use: For general use on walls and ceilings. Hides surface imperfections.
  • Comments: Stain removal can be difficult. Use for uniform, non-reflecting appearance. Best suited for low-traffic areas.

7. Is lead paint really a concern for me and my family?

Yes! Until 1978, lead paint was commonly used in paint on the interiors and exteriors of homes. Today, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that about 38 million homes in the US still contain some lead paint. When the paint begins to deteriorate it can contaminate a household and cause lead poisoning. Even if the paint in your home is in good condition, remodeling and renovation activities can break down paint and cause the lead to emerge. When working with lead-painted surfaces, it is important to contain any debris and clean thoroughly. People working in those areas should also take precautions to protect themselves from contacting the paint. Personal belongings including furniture should also be protected when working with lead paint. Always make remodelers and painters aware if you know your home has lead paint.

8. Are you insured and do you belong to any professional organizations?

Yes, Boeck & Associates Painting Company is fully insured with liability insurance as required by law for your protection. Our employees are full time painters and are covered by workmen’s compensation. We are also bonded. We belong to the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) where we keep abreast of changes in technology and the paint industry. We are a member of the Marin Builders’ Association.

9. Can you help with other things besides painting?

When a job requires “handyman” services, we do our best to provide these services with our own qualified staff or licensed sub-contractors. For painting we offer full preparation of areas to be painted (patching, drywall repair, carpentry repair etc.) and complete clean up of all work areas.

If you have questions that we haven’t answered please call us.